The Lunar Landings Newspaper Book

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Relive the Moon landing through the eyes of the people who saw it, as reported at the time…

As we mark 50th anniversary of mankind’s greatest scientific achievement, we are transported to the moment the news broke that man had made it to the Moon. Feast your eyes on a comprehensive collection of newspaper articles covering the major events before, during and after the incredible spaceflight Apollo 11 mission, leaving no stone unturned.

Over 100 pages of unparalleled insight!

The enormity of the NASA Space Programme, championed by President Kennedy and the Apollo missions cannot be overlooked and this poignant read pays tribute to the triumphs and tragedies of such groundbreaking achievement.

Reproduced from copious original reports and first-hand accounts, the A3-sized book begins in 1967 with the devastating Cape Kennedy Launch Pad disaster which claimed the lives of three astronauts and covers every integral success and setback thereafter. 

A new perspective…

Some obscure accounts include the worldwide fears of foreign organisms, ‘moon bugs’ upsetting the chemistry of the human body, the sense of humour of the astronauts as they play with the boundaries of atmosphere on TV and the feelings of the wives and families whose hearts are also on board the Apollo mission.

Luxury Presentation

Bound in premium black hard back leather with a gold embossed cover, this impressive keepsake is a must have for any space, science or history buff and would look great adorning your coffee table as one of the most unique ways to pay homage to the significance of this year’s anniversary.

Limited availability!

We currently have just 25 of these incredibly special books – a very small number considering the global demand for Moon landing commemorative memorabilia in this significant year.

Allow future generations a window into the lunar landings with the same awe as those who witnessed the landings, as they unfolded.

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Customer Reviews

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Remember the Lunar Landings

I have only picked up the book on Saturday as I was in London when it arrived However having had time to read most of it I find the moon landings are not the only item of interest though they are obviously the main reason for my purchase . As well as my interest in the Apollo missions it also brings back memories I had watching the TV reports with my Grandpa who sadly passed away with cancer not long after. So yes it is a wonderful collection of Historical facts and the endeavours of all the astronauts and of my early life full of wonder and hope which sadly I see stagnating in these modern times I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in our past especially with politics which when you read some of the papers prove that some political parties in this country and abroad still make the same mistakes despite the technological marvels that the space race brought about


This is an outstanding and well presented collectors item to commemorate the 1969 moon landing 50 years ago.