The Corgi Lunar Module Model

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Own the SOLD OUT Corgi Lunar Module Model, replicated in incredible detail and limited to JUST 1,500 worldwide…

On July 20 1969, the world held its breath as it witnessed the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing broadcast live. The momentous mission propelled us into an era of scientific exploration and 50 years on, the enormity of mankind’s greatest scientific achievement has not diminished.

Perhaps the most renowned craft in the world, the lunar module which landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon represented the epitome of human engineering ability and now you can own a miniature replica crafted by the experts at Corgi Classics - but you'll need to hurry as it's now completely SOLD OUT at Corgi and we only have 50...

A Corgi Classic

The collecting world is full of models and replicas with few more popular than Corgi Classics. Established in 1956 and widely considered to be the experts in transport model replicas, the collectability of these uniquely cast and intricately designed miniatures has soared with the brand’s popularity and brand-new releases are always highly anticipated. In fact, Corgi has become an emblem of British craft heritage, valued above all for its flawless reputation. 

In honour of this year’s 50th Apollo 11 Moon landing anniversary, Corgi have issued this exclusive die cast metal miniature Lunar Module produced with stunning attention to detail to include everything from the Eagle’s iconic descent steps to the flag of the United States. 

JUST 1,500 worldwide - SOLD OUT at Corgi

Just 1,500 of these sophisticated Lunar Module replicas have been issued worldwide to commemorate this poignant anniversary year . Such a tiny edition limit makes these even more collectable, in fact, they've already completely SOLD OUT at Corgi - luckily we managed to secure 50 through our contacts before they sold out.

Your Lunar Module comes housed in the iconic Corgi display packaging, perfect to add to a collection of Corgi Classics.

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  • Edition Limit: 1,500
  • Length: 52mm

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Corgi lunar model

Great model for my collection and again great service