The Coloured Titanium Moon landing Coin Set

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Own the Moon landing coins struck from metal used to make Space Rockets!

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One small step for man, one giant find for collectors!

50 years on from the age-defining Moon landings, one of the most incredible coin sets we’ve ever seen has been released…

The set features three coins struck from mighty SOLID Titanium – one of the world’s strongest and lightest metals. In fact, it’s used to make SPACE ROCKETS just like the one that went to the moon in 1969!

Celebrate mankind’s greatest scientific achievement with The Coloured Titanium Moon Landing Coin Set and SAVE £20 on the usual price if all three were bought individually!

A minting process like no other…

Each coin has been minted using an extremely complex minting technique to create a ‘space age’ coin, truly ahead of its time! To strike Titanium is exceptionally difficult meaning coins made from it are extremely rare, only a handful of mints around the world are even capable of striking them! But the incredible colours of the coins makes them even more special…

The coins haven’t been dyed or artificially coloured but have undergone a challenging process called anodization which changes the colour of the metal itself to achieve such striking colour. 

The collecting world has taken a turn towards these unique and innovative minting methods and collector demand for most advanced and unusual coins is soaring! 

Limited edition exclusive presentation

Each coin features three iconic moments man first stepped on the moon within exclusive miniature artwork by artist Diane Fawcett. The coin and artwork are encapsulated in tamper-proof casing, allowing you to showcase the coins without fear of damage or decolouration. The set sits within a deluxe back presentation case and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity confirming your set’s place within the edition limit…

Due to the difficulty in striking these coins, JUST 1,969 of these exclusive presentations will be issued, reflecting the year of the momentous Moon landings. A single Titanium coin is highly coveted so the opportunity to own three in full colour will be snapped up by collectors in no time at all!

SAVE £20.00!

You will not be able to find these coins anywhere else and the set is available at a saving of £20.00 if the coins were to be bought individually! 

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  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Metal: 990/1000 Titanium
  • Finish: BU
  • Reverse: Chris Coady
  • Obverse: QEII by Ian Rank-Broadley
  • Denomination: 50p
  • Year of Issue: 2019
  • Country of Issue: Guernsey
  • Limited Presentation: 1,969
  • Individual Coin Mintage: 4,995

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Really nice set

Very happy, arrived quickly. One very slight problem was the outside of the black presentation box had peeled slightly on the corner but the coins are really nice

World breaking

Using state of the art world - breaking technology to colour titanium in this superb way has to be a sure fire winner as a long term investment. You really couldn't do any more to make this rare metal any more prized and collectable. Outstanding work!

Over the moon

I purchased the Titanium Moonlanding 3 colour coin set as a keepsake to leave for one of my grandchildren, this is a beautiful set that any collector would be proud to own, I am certainly over the moon with the pure quality of the set, highly recommended.


Great images on the coins and great colours and very light in weight


Highly delighted with the coins.Far better than I expected.