The Beatles Yellow Submarine Stamp & Vinyl Frame

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Classic Beatle’s tribute – only 250 available

No band has influenced pop culture the way the Beatles have.  Any fan will agree they were one of the best things to happen in the twentieth century, let alone in the Sixties! Their music and popularity took the world by storm and their supremacy as music icons still stands strong.

Now today, we have a unique opportunity for you to pay tribute to these music legends, with a special framed edition of their Yellow Submarine Album and sought-after Original Stamp. 

Celebrate the Beatle’s iconic album – Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine was the tenth of the Beatle’s albums to be released and had a proud place amongst their work.  This was boosted the following year when a film of the same name was released with the album as the soundtrack. 

The film was a landmark piece of British animation and is considered to be a masterpiece to this day.  In fact, this year marks the 50th anniversary since its release and there will be special screenings of the film in cinemas across the UK which will add further to demand.

Original Stamp & Vinyl Album

This special collector frame features the original Yellow Submarine stamp, released by the USPS in 1999, as part of their ‘1960s Celebrate The Century’ Issue.  This sits magnificently next to a pristine, unplayed vinyl edition of the actual album and together they make an incredible wall display.

Let’s not also forget, the colourful illustration design of the album cover which is a piece of art in itself and is guaranteed to look great on any wall, fireplace or wherever you choose to put it.

Only 250 available

The edition limit for this framed presentation is just 250 worldwide and we only have a small number available today.  Considering the global popularity of the Beatles and the fact that a similar Abbey Road Vinyl presentation with the same edition limit has recently sold out, these won’t be around for long.

The limited edition framed presentation will come delivered to you professionally mounted and framed, ready for you to hang and display.  The glaze is made of premium acrylic rather than glass due to its lighter weight, strength and level of clarity.  There really is no better way to present these sought-after items.

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  • Stamp: USA 1999 Beatles Yellow Submarine Stamp – 33c
  • Size: A2
  • Edition Limit: 250

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