The 1oz Silver Bowie Vinyl Coin

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Own the David Bowie Vinyl Coin in Pure Silver!

Just 3 available!

A brand-new coin, featuring a stylised portrait of music legend and cultural icon David Bowie by renowned artist Sid Maurer has been issued…

Paying tribute to the prolific chameleon of popular music, David Bowie, this incredible coin is a unique tribute to his enduring legacy. But hurry… we currently have just 3 available!

Specialist striking

We are constantly amazed by the adaptability of modern minting and this remarkable coin is no exception. This incredible coin has been achieved through a combination of metallic lacquer, used to mimic a vinyl with extra relief to recreate the vinyl grooves, and colour application, enhancing every detail of David Bowie with immaculate accuracy.

The coin has been struck from 1oz of pure silver, making the specialist minting all the more difficult to apply and all the more impressive to achieve. What’s more, the coin has been struck to a premium Proof finish, the highest standard of minting possible, unparalleled in detail or sharpness. 

A world premiere – officially licensed

The David Bowie Vinyl Coin forms part of the world’s first coin series to feature the fabulous works of distinguished artist Sid Maurer.

Sid’s dynamic and masterfully executed portraits pay tribute to more than just the artists themselves but rather brought to life their iconic personalities and for that reason, his unique work influenced portraits of the greatest stars of sport, music, film and politics.

Sid’s work was so esteemed that during his lifetime he worked closely with Andy Warhol his commissions include work for ESPN, Boy George and David Bowie himself!

Since his death in 2017, Sid’s artwork is more sought-after than ever, with collectors eager to secure his immortal works. In fact, some of his artwork has sold for over £2,500!

Limited Edition – Just 3 available…

Due to the technical brilliance of the coin’s strike, just 10,000 of these have been issued worldwide! Unsurprisingly, these have been snapped up by collectors far and wide and we currently have just 3 available!

Whether you’re an original Bowie fan or have recently discovered his musical mastery, the coin is the perfect keepsake, preserving the legacy of music’s finest.

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  • Country of Issue: Solomon Islands
  • Year of Issue: 2019
  • Denomination: Five Dollars
  • Metal: .999 Silver
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Edition Limit: 10,000

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