The Metal Series Marvel Tank 2

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Build your own Marvel Tank from the stunning Metal Series

We’ve seen metal miniature kits before, but never one like this…

In the digital age, full of gadgets and virtual realities, we rarely find time to create something tangible and enjoy the creative journey.

Inspired by the industrial era and bringing you back to an age of metal and clockwork, we have found the remedy for your nostalgia. To recreate those wonderful childhood experiences of building something with your own hands – look no further…

Craft your own refined metal Marvel Tank

Inspired by First World War designs but stylised in a more peaceful and elegant fashion, Time for Machine have designed an ornate 1:56 scale Tank model, ready to be brought to life with your very own hands.  

The exquisite metal model features a wind-up spring system enabling the Tank to move, able to overcome obstacles with its shiny tracks and self-propelling mechanism.

This matchless combination of real-world history and steampunk beauty is the perfect adornment to a home or workplace, with the added satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself! 

Complete with Toolkit.

Crafting Beautiful Experiences

Though in its relative infancy, Time for Machine has become an industry innovator and global trend setter, specialising in the design and creation of intricate and elegant model kits. Inspiring a return to the joy of creating something unique with your own hands, your model will shine, move and turn your home and workspace into a tiny world of authentic creativity.

Become creator of something physical, unique and amazing by adding one to your cart today!


  • Scale: 1:56
  • Model Size: 141 x 63 x 48mm
  • Material: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Pieces: 140
  • Includes: Toolkit
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