You could be so "Lucky" with those old cassettes...

Is it time to hang on to your old cassettes?

They may be awkward to use, easily twisted and tied up in knots and you always need a pencil on stand-by to rewind them, but there are signs of revival in cassette culture.

Kylie Minogue’s team decided to include three collectors’ versions of her latest album Golden and surprise its sold more than 6,200 copies. Kylie herself is still a fan of the cassette Walkman combo as she shows in a YouTube snippet she posted.

Kylie Minogue’s new album Golden led a 90% cassette sales surge

The popular Indie Rock Band The 1975 may have sparked a revival of interest the cassette tape too! They became one of the top selling bands last year thanks to the sale of more than 7,000 cassette versions of their Album “A brief Inquiry into Online relationships”.

Some music industry insiders don’t think there is a chance that cassettes will ever re-capture the imagination of music lovers but you never know. Collectors are notorious for their nostalgia and at finding value in the unexpected. We all know how well the vinyl revival is doing - so don’t rule anything out.

Oasis, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Cassette tape



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