What the World Cup means for collectors...

Football fever has well and truly gripped the nation over the last few weeks. Whether or not you’re a football fan, you probably will have watched our game against Croatia on Wednesday with baited breath or at least heard a lot about it! I went to the pub to watch it with some friends and was literally on the edge of my seat for the entire game! Despite our loss, there is no doubt our boys did extremely well (I drowned my sorrows with a greasy kebab from the shop down the road from the pub afterwards!). The team played out of their skins and everyone in the pub, people I’ve spoken to and on social media seem to have really got behind them. I mean it’s the first time in 28 years we’ve got that far in a World Cup! It’s incredible!

It really feels like the start of something great for English football, so it got me thinking - what does that mean for collectors? Well, I’ve been doing some research to find some of the best, most sought-after pieces, so here’s quick run-down on some of the items you need to look out for…

Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Commemorative coins released into circulation, but impossible to get hold of…

Unsurprisingly, it seems the Official collectables are amongst some of the most popular. Some of the most sought-after that have actually gone a bit under the radar are the 25 Ruble coins issued by Russia to mark the tournament that have actually gone into circulation in Russia. They’ve caused quite a stir among coin collectors because you literally cannot find them in your change over in Russia. Mainly because anyone who does find one is keeping hold of it!

That also means that getting one over here in the UK is basically impossible. Here at Collectology, these are the pieces I’m always trying my best to find – those that collectors struggle to get hold of themselves and luckily through some contacts in Europe, I’ve managed to source some.

You can own the Official FIFA World Cup Emblem coin within our England 2018 Capsule Edition. It’s a great memento of the tournament but most importantly, because of the rarity of the coin, it’s selling really fast so make sure you’re quick if you want one - stocks are limited. Click here for more details if you’re interested >>

The re-dated Royal Mint Coin...

Another interesting find is a special new release from The Royal Mint that wasn’t actually scheduled for release. They’ve taken the decision to re-date the sought-after UK Lion of England £5 Coin to commemorate the tournament. The original version of the coin was released back in 2017, but they’ve re-dated it with a special 2018 striking date – this is really rare occurrence and one that will make this coin hugely collectable to not only football fans but the sharp-eyed collectors.

Not only that, they are only available for a really short window! They will be made unavailable on 31st July so you can’t hang about. I’ve got a small number available on the site right now if you’re interested, just click here >>

Why 1966 World Cup signed pieces are becoming more and more sought-after…

Now I’m going to take you back almost exactly 62 years ago. Back to the day football truly did come home as the nation rejoiced when we beat West Germany to win the World Cup for the first time ever. It’s a moment we still look back on now with deep nostalgia. I wasn’t around then and you might not have been either, but it’s a moment in our history everyone still talks about today, especially during another World Cup.

In fact, my Dad (a big Arsenal fan – boo! I’m a Bournemouth fan!) still reminisces with great detail about watching it with his Dad as a young lad and having his first half a pint of beer (well, shandy) to celebrate. It was a moment that really captured the nation.

So, it goes without saying that collector pieces marking the 1966 World Cup are still incredibly sought-after. In fact, it only takes a quick eBay search and you get 80+ pieces of memorabilia appear, from signed shirts going for £300+, to beer mats, to cufflinks to soft toys, some fetching over £400! I literally couldn’t believe it when I started looking into it!

Of course, some of the most popular items are signed photos of the team. Some of the most sought-after being, of course, Geoff Hurst – the only man to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. An absolute football legend. Gordan Banks, regarded as one of the greatest goal keepers of all time, defender Jack Charlton and Roger Hunt to name just a few of the Football greats who took us to victory. Each and every one of their signatures are still hugely sought-after.

Among other sought-after signed photographs are of course other World Cup legends including England goal-keeper David Seaman who won 75 England caps and two League titles and is still amongst one of the best we’ve had. Likewise, Peter Shilton, another legend who was goal keeper in the 1990 World Cup, the last time England got to the final four!

I’ve sourced a selection of signed photographs of some of these Football legends that you can own today professionally framed and mounted. Take a look here if you’re interested >>

Regardless of what you think about the football result, there is no doubt it’s gripped the nation and it’s certainly an exciting time for collectors and football fans!

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