The story behind perhaps the most detailed Millennium Falcon in the galaxy…

I won't forget the day we received delivery of the Royal Selangor Millennium Falcons. Not only is it our Star Wars centrepiece, it’s been the centrepiece of our office and something I just couldn’t wait to share with you…

As soon as I received a phone call to say the Falcons had arrived, I shot down to collect them from our delivery man and brought one straight up to my desk to show the office. It’s not often that an item causes such a stir in the office but this one certainly did. Everyone gathered around whilst I took it carefully out of its box and admired it, it really has the ‘wow’ factor and we were all marvelling at it – touching and feeling the incredible detail.  

From that moment, I knew I’d chosen something truly special for collectors and I’m sure you’ll agree. Here’s why:

The ultimate in quality craftsmanship with 100 year history

The Falcon has been produced by world renowned producers of quality pewtersmiths – Royal Selangor. You might not have heard of Royal Selangor before so here’s a bit more about them and why they are so special:

Every single piece they craft is treated by hand with the ultimate precision and care that dates back to 1885 when a young pewtersmith, Yong Koon, travelled to the rich state of Selangor in Malaysia where tin had been discovered to make his fortune…

Over a number of years, Yong Koon and his brothers developed from a small business creating regal candlestands and incense burners to an international corporation selling a wealth of items into international markets.

Royal Selangor Hand Crafting

Today, their 250 skilled craftsman and designers in Kuala Lumpur produce a wide range of licensed collector items, quality homeware and gifts but what’s so remarkable about Royal Selangor is that they pride themselves in every piece being the ultimate in quality through the with-standing traditional methods dating back over 100 years – in fact, every single piece is hand-polished and finished…

And your Falcon is no different. Here’s a bit more detail about how it was made:

Precise casting with a meticulous hand-finish

First, the designers worked directly with Disney to produce a design as close to the real Falcon as possible – the design was then produced as a mould and cast to reproduce it in purified high quality Pewter (Pewter consists of 97% tin, with a small portion of copper and antimony).

Each piece then went through a meticulous finishing process including filing, hammering, buffing and then hand-polishing and antique finishing to create the final piece. And what a finish it is.

Depicted in extraordinary detail, this 1/144 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon is certainly one of the most detailed ever issued and what makes it even more unique is that it can be presented on a quality display stand or placed on a table or desk on its landing gear, which even retract when placed on the stand – just like the real thing!

If you saw our live show on 12th June, you will have seen Paul and Chelsea showcase the Falcon in all its glory. If you missed it. Here’s the segment for you to watch:

Sell-out history

Needless to say, we’ve kept one for our office (Paul was delighted) and it’s sat proudly right next to me on my desk but don’t worry, we’ve got a small stock available although the Millennium Falcon has been particularly popular among Star Wars fans and collectors and the gold-plated version has in fact SOLD OUT completely so they won’t be around for long.

Words and images alone just don’t do this piece justice – you just have to see it for yourself.

If you’re interested…

You can own the Royal Selangor STAR WARS Millennium Falcon. Plus, at checkout, you have the option to pay in interest-free instalments with pay plans.

Simply click here for all the details on how to secure one >>