The story behind the cufflinks made from a REAL WWII Spitfire…


As we approach the end of 2018, I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane this week and remembering some of the important anniversaries and events this year. Perhaps the most poignant and one that really stands out for me is the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force. This was a hugely important occasion and one that I enjoyed commemorating with our RAF Centenary Collectables Show and Collector range a few months ago.


Since its inception in 1918, the RAF has stood at the forefront of aviation innovation and during the subsequent 100-years enjoyed a plethora of defining moments and aircraft. One moment in particular really stands out though and it’s one that virtually everyone knows about – The Battle of Britain and of course, the aircraft that lead us to victory - the iconic Supermarine Spitfire.

My hunt for pieces of Spitfire


That’s why, when I was curating our RAF Centenary range, I knew the Spitfire had to feature heavily. I remember thinking, how cool would it be to find ACTUAL pieces of Spitfire for collector’s to own? I felt my chances were slim. After all, of the 22,000 Spitfires, only 30 remain airworthy in the UK! So I started researching and when I found these cufflinks made from actual REAL Spitfire, I couldn’t believe it! I had to secure them for our range.

It turns out I made the right decision – they’ve been really popular with our collectors and lots of people have been purchasing them as gifts for RAF or military enthusiasts. I loved them so much, I actually bought a pair for my Dad and he absolutely loves them!

So, that’s why I wanted to tell you a bit more about why I chose them - let’s take a closer look…

Luxury Spitfire Cufflinks made from a real WWII Spitfire aircraft!


The cufflinks themselves are produced by experts at ‘TMB’ Art Metal, who collect and restore pieces of historic aircraft. Each cufflink is carefully crafted into the iconic Spitfire shape, which look so striking! They are actually made from Duralumin from an original Spitfire P7350, which is actually the oldest airworthy Spitfire in the world (how cool is that?!). In fact, the P7350 actually flew in The Battle of Britain in 1940! That means these cufflinks were part of the largest aerial bombing campaign in British military history.


The Battle of Britain was the first and most iconic campaign to be fought entirely by the RAF and will always be such an important part of British military history. To me, the Battle of Britain is truly symbolized by the Spitfire.


Each Spitfire cufflink has ‘TMB’ and ‘1940’ engraved on the underside of the wings with ‘Spitfire’ and ‘P7350’ on either side. They come beautifully protected in a stunning deluxe wooden presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. It’s great because the certificate even includes an image from the time of the original Spitfire and some more information about it. It’s a great little keepsake – I imagine some people won’t want to wear them and would rather keep them safe or on display!

Watch Chelsea and Paul reveal the cufflinks here:


Of course, due to the rarity of pieces of Spitfire, we only have a limited stock of these cufflinks but the good news is, we’ve made it really easy, you can secure them today using our 0% finance option with payment plans!


Pictures and words just don’t do these justice – you need to see them for yourself!

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