STAR WARS toy fetches $550,000 - time to check your attic!

Before I started curating our Star Wars range, I was unaware just how much collector demand there is for memorabilia from the franchise. Just last month – a “blaster” used by Harrison Ford’s character Han Solo in Return of the Jedi sold for an eye-watering $550,000 at an auction in New York! Can you believe that!

What’s even more astonishing is that it’s not just film props that generate these high ticket prices. But even old toys bought in the 1970’s or early 80’s for under a fiver could now be worth thousands of pounds.

Could ‘The Force’ be with your old Star Wars figure collection?

I’m sure all of you reading of a certain age will remember your collection of Star Wars toys. I know speaking to people in the office and family members about how popular these were at the time of the original film releases. Though I’m sure at the time no-one would ever imagine how popular and valuable they might become…

I was so fascinated (and mind blown!) by the recent $550,000 selling price for the Han Solo ‘blaster’ – that I decided to do some more research about other sought-after Star Wars pieces. One article lead to another, and another, and another – and I was so amazed by the stories I read, that I wanted to share them with you. Plus, you could have one of these rare figures hidden away!

But before you rush off to your attic or garage to dust off boxes of old toys – here’s my rundown of some of the rarest and most collectible Star Wars figures out there. You never know, you could be sat on a small fortune…   

Double-Telescoping Obi-Wan Kenobi

Released in 1978, your only hope of obtaining one of these rare Obi-Wan Kenobi figures is to shell out thousands of pounds for one in an auction. Though the figure itself may not break the bank, what you’d be paying for is the intricate double-telescoping lightsaber that opened up into 2 parts. Kenner decided this was difficult to manufacture and easy to break, so production stopped and the figure was replaced with a single piece saber. Not many of the original figures made it to retail, which is why they often fetch over £4,000 at auction.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Double-Telescoping Darth Vader

For the same reason as the Obi-Wan figure, if you’ve got an original Darth Vader figure with the sought-after double-telescoping lightsaber hidden away then you could be in to make some money! Especially because he’s Darth Vader and has always been ridiculously popular… never underestimate the power of the Dark Side. In fact, in pristine condition and original packaging you’ll be looking to net at least £5,000! 

Darth Vader Double Telescope Lightsaber

Blue Snaggletooth

Everyone’s favourite blue alien hit the market 40-years ago as a production mistake. When Kenner’s toy designers were making the prototype, the only visual resource they were given was a grainy black and white headshot of the character.  Lacking any concrete detail, the team essentially “made up” the blue suit and assumed he would be around human height. When the film was released, Kenner’s producers saw to their amusement (or shock) that Snaggletooth was in fact dressed in red and about 3-foot tall! As such – Blue snaggletooth has become legendary in collecting circles and is a rare find.  

Blue Snaggletooth

Rocket Firing Boba Fett

Rumour has it that the rocket-firing Boba Fett was pulled from the market after a child choked on a similar missile piece from a Battlestar Galactica toy. The truth however is that Kenner had already removed the feature from the figure prior to this, and the rocket-firing figures never made it on-sale. As such, prototypes of the figures carry an estimate of £15,000-20,000 and an enthusiastic eBay seller recently tried their luck with a whopping asking price of $150,000!

Boba Fett Firing Rocket


How is it that the character no one has ever heard of is considered to be one of the rarest (if not the rarest!) commercially released Star Wars figures? Part of the short-lived spinoff TV series, Droids, Vlix was scheduled to be part of the second series of Droid action figures released by Kenner. Unfortunately, before this could happen the TV show was cancelled. The figure had however already been developed and prototyped, and a small number of figures made it onto card and in stores before the cancellation was announced. As a consequence, there are very few of these carded Vlix figures that exist – probably around a dozen or LESS!


FX-7 Medical Droid

The force was strong when one bidder paid a record-breaking £7,000 for an original 1980 Palitoy Empire Strikes Back medical droid at an auction in 2014! Since the sale, demand for the figure has soared with many avid Star Wars fans seeking out pristine versions of the original figure. If someone was willing to pay that much for it, it has to be worth it surely?

Medical Droid

Han Solo (with blaster)

Everyone’s favourite scoundrel – Han Solo was first released as part of the original 12-back figures in 1978 however there were two major variations in the early figures. Welcome to the curious case of ‘trying to get a proper size head!’ The original smuggler action figure was re-released with a larger head, supposedly trying to more accurately capture Harrison Ford’s visage. Though both considered of value in original packaging, if you can get your hands on this small-headed figure he’s worth a few buck. 

Han Solo with Blaster

Vinyl Cape Jawa

An item’s rarity can turn a £10 item into a £21,000 product – which was exactly the case with the first Jawa figure. Released as one of the original 12 Star Wars figures, Jawa first hit the shelves with a vinyl cape. Kenner however quickly decided that as Jawa was half the size of other figures that the cape should be a cloth robe so that buyers felt like they were getting more value for money. As it was changed so early in the release, very few of this original model ever surfaced. In fact, only about 6 of them have ever been discovered – one of which sold for £21,000 in an auction last year!

Vinyl Jawa

Yak Face

Much like Vlix, character popularity isn’t everything. So why is this ‘blink and you’ll miss him’ character from Return of the Jedi worth around £750? Because in 1985 Kenner cancelled the STAR WARS action figure line and there was one last figure that had gone through production but never made into stores in the U.S. – Yak Face. To recoup some production losses, rather than destroying the stock Kenner decided to send the figures to outlets in Europe and Canada but none were ever seen in retail in the States.

Yak Face

Double-Telescoping Luke Skywalker

Though not quite as scarce as the Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi figures, Luke Skywalker was also originally released with the rare double-telescoping saber. For the same concerns of easy breaking and damage, the figure wasn’t in production for long and these are hard to come by! 

Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker

If like most of us, you don’t have one of these rare figures amongst your collection then don’t worry.  We still have an incredible range of Star Wars collector items available for you to own.  The range has been selling very quickly and we’ve already seen our best-selling Boba Fett Signed Capsule Edition SELL-OUT!

Boba Fett Signed Capsule Edition

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