REVEALED: The Marvel Collectables Range you’ve all been waiting for…

A week on from Royal Mail’s shock reveal that they would be releasing brand-new Official UK Marvel Comics Stamps, we’ve just about managed to compose ourselves here at Collectology! Issued to mark the 80th birthday of Marvel Comics, the stamps celebrate the most iconic superheroes in the Marvel Universe and the stories that have been thrilling us for generations, most recently in what has become the highest grossing film franchise of all time!

So, when it comes to Royal Mail stamp releases, it doesn’t get much bigger than Marvel. Philatelic collector demand has resurfaced over recent years with stamp designs embracing new and exciting themes and breathing new life into the world of stamp collecting. Marvel is undoubtedly going to play a huge part in this re-emergence with fans and collectors around the world eager to get their hands on them

Now, in the excitement of the release I have decided to collate a range of stunning Marvel pieces, celebrating the universally cherished superhero universe with some of the finest collectables available, including some exclusive and strictly limited edition pieces featuring those brand-new coveted Royal Mail Marvel Stamps.

I have been literally bursting to share these with you so without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the range, including why these are going to be some of the most sought-after of all Marvel collectables

Own the Framed Edition featuring the Marvel Stamps limited to JUST 1,995 worldwide

In my opinion, a framed edition is the supreme visual collectable. This striking framed edition features all 10 Marvel character stamps, designed exclusively by internationally renowned British illustrator Alan Davies in vivid full-colour. What’s more, the stamps themselves have been mounted onto brilliantly colourful original artwork, in contrast with its classic black frame to create a stunning visual feast.

The stamps themselves depict 10 of the most iconic Marvel superheroes, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Britain, Peggy Carter and Union Jack as you’ve never seen them before.

When it comes to philatelic collectability, the postmark is so important. However, I am yet to come across a postmark as significant as this Shield Row, Stanley postmark, in reference to Marvel’s agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and paying a moving tribute to the incredible Stan Lee. The stamps have been postmarked with their first day of issue – 14th March 2019 – giving them that additional collector quality.

What’s more, this exclusive framed edition has been issued under a strict worldwide edition limit of JUST 1,995 meaning the demand for this will far outweigh its availability and if you want to secure one, you will need to be quick!

Professionally mounted and framed, this would look great displayed in an office or bedroom as a unique addition to any Marvel or stamp collection and an affordable gift idea for the little superhero in your life!

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Celebrate 80 years of Marvel with the Marvel Collector’s Book

For me, this is the best commemorative piece in the range, taking a look back at the most memorable moments in the history of the Marvel Universe and bringing all of your favourite superheroes to life.

From the creation of Tony Stark’s iconic armoured suit whilst held captive in an Afghan cave, to the story of Steve Rogers, a wannabe WWII recruit turned genetically enhanced super-soldier who earned the moniker ‘Captain America’, this anniversary collection really does encompass the best of the beloved Marvel Universe.

When I first saw this piece, my initial reaction was what a great coffee table book? Full of stunning images and captivating stories, what could be more original? However, thinking about it, Marvel popularity spans generations, constantly enchanting a new, younger audience and this is the perfect way to introduce these new Marvel fans to the rich history of their favourite superheroes…

What’s more, this collector’s book comes with a personalisation option, meaning you can make this already original collectable, truly one of a kind. Although the real gold comes from within, I must admit, I fell in love with its cover; embossed with red and gold in a luxury, soft-touch finish and complete with a premium presentation case – you can’t go wrong!

If this is just what your coffee table is missing or if you know your child will love this, you mustn’t hang about, we currently only have a really small number available and the popularity of our previous commemorative books tells us these will be snapped up in no time.

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One of the most limited ways to own Royal Mail’s brand-new Marvel Stamps

The response to our individual first day of issue Marvel stamp capsules has been incredible so we have created an extremely limited edition Complete First Day of Issue Collector’s Edition set comprised of all 10 Marvel character capsules in a premium collector presentation.

As with all the stamps in our range, these too have been postmarked with the first day of issue – 14th March 2019. However, this Ultimate Collector’s Edition features a different postmark, the unmistakable clenched fist of the Hulk, making it all the more exclusive.

For me, Captain Marvel is a firm favourite and I cannot wait for her upcoming film later on this year. However, whether you have a soft spot for web-slinging Spider-Man or love the very first Marvel UK superheroes, Captain Britain and Union Jack, they are undoubtedly better together and true Marvel fans will absolutely have to own the complete set. This is one of the finest and most limited ways to own all 10 stamps but there aren’t many…

In fact JUST 250 of these premium presentations have been issued worldwide and they have already been incredibly popular so if you want to own one, you will need to be quick!

Each stamp has been encapsulated in a tough, tamper-proof capsule to preserve its pristine condition for years to come. The capsules come together in a deluxe black presentation case with that all important individually numbered certificate of authenticity, confirming your set’s place within the edition limit.

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Own a one-of-a-kind Ultimate Framed Edition featuring the Marvel Stamps

The second framed edition in our range features the other set of stamps issued in Royal Mail’s brand new Marvel release, the 5-stamp comic-strip minisheet alongside an authentic Marvel comic book.

Now, the Marvel comic-strip stamp minisheet has already caused quite a stir amongst Marvel fans because it presents the iconic superheroes in action against the mighty Thanos in a completely original comic-strip, exclusively designed for the stamp release. Of course, the comic-strip stamp minisheet has been postmarked with the first day of issue – 14th March 2019, making this particular presentation all the more sought-after.

However, the reason I love this piece so much is the fact that each presentation is completely original. From a choice of three iconic Marvel superheroes, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk, your framed presentation is hand-picked to your choosing from a variety of comics dedicated to your superhero. This means that your Ultimate Framed Edition will be almost entirely unique!

We have issued this frame with a maximum presentation of 1,995 making it all the more collectable and the perfect keep sake to pass down through generations of Marvel fans.

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Your chance to own one of the most strikingly detailed figures of Spider-Man ever crafted

I’ve saved this piece until last because I think it is genuinely my favourite collectable in the entire range and possibly my favourite across all of our ranges! Designed and produced by internationally esteemed pewtersmith experts, Royal Selangor, this exquisite figure has been hand-crafted with meticulous precision to create one of the most detailed figures of Spider-Man ever crafted.

Spider-Man is arguably the most iconic superhero in the Marvel Universe and a collector piece like this is really the masterpiece of any collection. Cast in high-quality pewter and polished to an outstanding finish, this really is the collectable your sophisticated Marvel collection has been missing.

Created by highly esteemed artists in the international comic community – Aln Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar, your Spider-Man figure is depicted in his iconic pose, preparing to fire webbing upon debris from his battle with supervillain, VenomOfficially licensed by Marvel, your figure comes ready to display with pride in your home or office and comes housed in its Official Marvel case to keep it safe and protected.

We currently only have a really small number of these Spider-Man Webslinger Figures available and if the response they have received here at Collectology is anything to go by, they won’t be here for long!

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Thank you again to those who joined us for our Marvel show, I hope you’ll agree that these pieces are truly as remarkable as they sound, but if you didn’t catch it don’t worry, you can watch the whole thing here and see for yourself why I am so excited about this range. Click here to watch our Marvel Collectables Show>>

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