REVEALED: Our brand new Christmas Collectables Range…

I am so excited that I can finally share with you my favourite range of the entire year; our Christmas Collectables! If, like me, you spend the majority of the year eagerly awaiting the first frost so that you can start preparing for festivities, you will agree that one of the best things about the Christmas season is giving gifts to your loved ones. But what on earth do you get them?

Thankfully, we have been working hard this year to create the perfect collection of Christmas collectables, stocking fillers and seasonal treats for yourself to make sure that your Christmas is hassle free. There really is something for everyone, collector or not, and what better way to make this Christmas one to remember than with a gift that will last a lifetime?

Now, if you watched our Christmas Collectables LIVE Show, I hope you will agree that the range really is incredible. However, if you haven’t yet seen it or want to know more, let me tell you exactly why this range is full of must-have collector pieces.

Remember, the Christmas range has JUST gone live and with seasonal preparations well underway in most households, our pieces will be in high demand. Make sure you secure your favourites while they’re still available…

The Capsule Edition featuring the UK 2018 ‘R’ for Robin 10p coin!

Taken from The Royal Mint’s A-Z of Great Britain 10p Commemorative Coin Series, which sent the nation into a coin-collecting frenzy, this particular coin, ‘R’ pays tribute to the UK’s official favourite bird, the Robin.

Despite its notoriety as a fiercely territorial little bird, we have come to think fondly of our red-breasted friend. So much so that it is now considered to be a quintessentially British symbol! More than this, though, the Robin is an iconic emblem of the festive season and appears in almost all households at this time of year on Christmas cards, decorations and gifts. This close association has made the Robin 10p one of the most sought-after in the series and is exceptionally popular at this time of year.

The coin itself has been struck by The Royal Mint to an uncirculated quality, so it is free from the scratches and imperfections of the coins in your change. Each coin is mounted within a stunning collector card featuring unique miniature artwork by artist, Diane Fawcett, which provides a beautiful contrast to the coin it frames. The coin is then encapsulated to preserve its pristine condition and encased in a striking black presentation case.

Each capsule comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, confirming its individual place within the strict edition limit of just 1,995 worldwide! This is such a small number when you think about the nationwide demand for coins in this series and the particular Christmas connection to this one. This really is the perfect gift for a collector or an affordable way to kick-start your little one’s collection!

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Your opportunity to own 24 rare and internationally sought-after coins and the UK’s Official 2018 Christmas Coin in a unique Advent Calendar presentation!

This one is my personal favourite piece in the entire range, complementing the build-up to Christmas perfectly! Every day of advent, this Change Checker Advent Calendar will reveal a different coin from a different country around the world, culminating on Christmas Day with the exquisite 2018 Nutcracker £5 coin from The Royal Mint.

Tradition ties coins to Christmas in so many ways, with legends, dating back centuries, having it that Saint Nicholas would leave a gold coin in the hung stockings of the poor, hence our intrinsic association with chocolate coins as ideal stocking fillers. Or perhaps you’re enticed by the age-old tradition of putting a six pence in your Christmas pudding to bring luck upon the recipient? Either way, the numismatic connection to Christmas time is undeniable and what a perfect way to embrace tradition?

At the heart of the calendar, on Christmas morning, you will discover The 2018 Nutcracker £5 coin, a stunning collector coin, struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality and featuring a beautiful festive design of a classic Christmas snowflake, Sugarplum Fairy and that iconic Nutcracker Soldier.

The other 24 coins hold fascinating tales from foreign lands and are rare and special additions to any coin collection, large or small. Plus, because these coins are from different countries around the world, not many people in the UK are likely to own them!

This is the perfect gift idea for your children or grandchildren to introduce them to the world of coins and the stories they tell. Or, why not treat yourself this year?

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Own the Nutcracker £5 coin in a festive Christmas card!

Another great way to get your hands on this beautiful £5 Nutcracker coin is in the form of a classic Christmas card – perhaps the perfect card for the coin collector in your life?

This is only the second EVER UK Christmas £5 coin released by The Royal Mint, making it extremely collectable. As one of the most internationally renowned ballets of all time, is seems a fitting theme for such a significant festive coin-release.

This version of the coin is struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish – the superior quality that all the collector’s look for and is a striking centrepiece within this Christmas card. That being said, the coin can be removed from the card and will make a unique and special addition to a stocking.

This is such a charming, affordable piece and it is selling fast!

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Own the brand-new UK Snowman 50p you won’t find in your change…

It wouldn’t be Christmas without this frosty fella and whether you watch the film, read the story or listen to that iconic score ‘Walking in the Air’, The Snowman is etched into our Christmas traditions in one way or another. 

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Raymond Briggs’ picture book which first introduced us to The Snowman, an occasion which has inspired The Royal Mint to release a commemorative 50p coin. Struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish, the coin depicts arguably the best known part of the story, where The Snowman and the boy glide hand in hand across the British countryside and over Brighton pier. The coin is encased in an intricately illustrated collector card, designed by Robin Shaw, the director of The Snowman and The Snowdog and is officially licensed by Penguin Random House, making it incredibly collectable.

I have been so amazed by the popularity of this coin, in fact, I would go so far as to say it has sparked a coin-collecting phenomenon! Both the gold and silver proof versions SOLD OUT almost immediately and our very own signed edition sold out within just a few hours of its release. What’s more, with the coin not entering circulation, this is literally one of the only ways to own this coin. With all of this in mind, I am certain our stock won’t be around long!

This is such a perfect stocking filler and a staple addition to any collection. But don’t hang about, secure yours today >>


 The ultimate Christmas Collector’s piece for STAR WARS fans – festive Darth Vader on a unique Silver Coin Note!


This legal tender coin note in PURE 999/1000 Silver really is a stunning masterpiece, made with incredible minting techniques to produce such an exquisite combination of colour and engraving.

As a STAR WARS fan myself, I absolutely love this one. There is something comical about one of the most iconic villains in the history of cinema, Sith Lord, Darth Vader, embracing the full spirit of Christmas and playing the piano beside a roaring festive fireplace. The clever incorporation of various other intergalactic characters into the scene really adds to the irony and makes this a must-have for the STAR WARS fan in your life.

The minting technique used to produce such an intricately detailed piece in pure silver is truly incredible, which makes this piece particularly unique to own – in fact, there’s not many Star Wars fans who will ever own such a rare depiction of Darth Vader, especially as there are only 10,000 worldwide!

Each coin note has a unique production number and is displayed in a unique presentation card that’s designed like a Christmas Card with the classic Christmas phrase ‘Humbug’ and the popular festive Star Wars pun - ‘Merry Sithmas’ inside. Display your coin note as a festive decoration in your home or office this Christmas and preserve its pristine condition in its Star Wars branded presentation case, when it is not elegantly on display!

The collectability of all things STAR WARS does not stop growing and I am always amazed at how quickly we sell-out of anything STAR WARS related. As the first of its kind and featuring the collector favourite, Sith Lord, Darth Vader, these will be no exception!

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I hope I have given you some great ideas for the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas or perhaps persuaded you to spoil yourself this Christmas with something in the range. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I cannot wait to show you our newest collectables in the New Year!

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