REVEALED: Our brand new British Coins Collectables Range...

A big warm welcome to our Best of British Coins Week! I’m so glad that we were finally able to share our exclusive new British Coins Collectables Range with you.  If I’m being truthful, it’s been hard for me to keep everything under wraps as I’ve been so excited about the new collector pieces we have available!

Over the last year or so there has been a real coin collecting phenomenon with new issue UK 10p’s and 50p’s, in fact – it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.  For that reason, I desperately wanted to curate a range that gives you the opportunity to own these highly sought-after coins in exclusive limited edition presentations.

I’ve been busy at work behind the scenes over the last few months doing just that and am so pleased with where we’ve got to.  If you watched our British Coins LIVE Show, I hope you agree!  If not, then let me tell you a bit more about the range and why they are each must-have collector pieces.

So here it is, hot off the press, your complete guide to our Best of British Coins Range! Remember – these have JUST gone on sale and are likely to be in high demand so make sure you secure your favourite pieces while they’re still available…

Own the sought-after Paddington50ps in an exclusive Collector’s Edition!

Paddington 50p Collector's Edition

Loved around the world by all generations, Paddington™ is one of the most famous and best-loved British characters of the last 60 years.  It comes as no surprise then, that the Official UK 2018 Paddington 50p Coins that the Royal Mint have released are proving to be two of the most popular coins of the year! And today, you can own not one, but both of these highly sought-after Paddington 50p’s in an exclusive Collector’s Edition available to just 995 worldwide. 

The coins have been struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality, a superior collector quality free of imperfections that you find on circulation coins.  They come protected forever in tamper-proof capsules that feature stunning, full-colour illustrative artwork of Buckingham Palace and Paddington Station, by artist Nick Watton.

Complete in a deluxe presentation case with numbered certificate authenticity, this really is a special collector piece! Whether for yourself or as a keepsake or gift for future generations – if you’re interested you will need to hurry.  As I’ve said before, we have just 995 available worldwide, making this an extremely limited way to own this hugely popular coins.

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Rare opportunity to own all of the sought-after UK Peter Rabbit 50ps in a limited edition Collector’s Edition Presentation!

Peter Rabbit 50p Collector's Edition

When the Royal Mint released a series of coins to mark the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter back in 2016, little did we know the coin collecting storm that was to follow! People all across the country began frantically hunting for their favourite characters and the demand for these 50ps has remained high ever since.

Of course, of all the Beatrix Potter characters, there was one that was on the top of everyone’s list – Peter Rabbit!  Since the first coin was released, demand for the 50ps depicting this mischievous bunny have been sky high, and the 2016 and 2017 designs are now completely sold at The Royal Mint in all strikes except Gold Proof.

Surely then, to have the opportunity to own BOTH of these coins alongside the brand new 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p is one too good to be true? Well… luckily for you it’s not! As today, you can own all three of these sought-after Peter Rabbit 50p’s in a limited edition Collector’s Edition complete with deluxe presentation case and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Now, due to the scarcity of these coins I have only managed to secure enough to make up 995 Collector Editions worldwide. This is a significantly low amount when you consider the widespread demand that has been experienced. If you’re interested, I suggest you hop… hop… jump at the chance as these won’t be around for long. 

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Brand new Framed Presentation featuring ALL 26 of the popular A-Z of Britain 10p Coins!

The A-Z Framed Presentation

It’s not just new issue 50p’s that are sparking a collecting phenomenon… When the Royal Mint made a surprising announcement earlier this year about the release of 26 brand new 10p coins that were being issued into general circulation, the nation went crazy!

Celebrating what it means to be British coin by coin, letter by letter, rhyme by rhyme, the ‘Quintessentially British’ 10p collection has been ridiculously popular.  From Angel of the North, Bond and Cricket… right the way through to Stonehenge, Tea and even a Zebra Crossing – each of the coins features a Great British icon beautifully illustrated on the reverse design. They really are impressive.

And today, you have the opportunity to own ALL 26 of these sought-after coins in an incredible Framed Presentation ready for you to hang and display at your home or in a little collector’s room! This is unique way to own these new 10p coins that also would make the perfect gift or keepsake for future generations. Due to the rarity of the coins we have just 25 of these Framed Presentations available. It goes without saying – if you’d like to own one, you’ll need to be quick. 

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Own ALL 26 A to Z of Britain 10p Coins in a Special Collector Pack…

The Complete 2018 UK A-Z 10p Collector Pack

Now, if the Framed Presentation didn’t take your fancy, but you don’t want the long and painful wait of trying to find these coins in your change – I have the perfect solution for you! 

Introducing… the 2018 UK Complete Britain A-Z 10p Collection Pack! For a more traditional collecting route, you can also own ALL 26 of these sought-after 10p coins in an Official Change Checker Collecting Pack.

As I’ve said before, the coins have been released into general circulation but are extremely difficult to get hold of as they are quickly snapped up by collectors desperate to complete their collection.  In fact, 75% of the Olympic 50ps released in 2012 were removed from circulation by avid collectors and it looks as though these are heading the same way. Therefore to have the opportunity to own them in this official presentation is one not to be missed!

We have just 50 of these unique sets available for collectors – a significantly low amount considering the collecting storm that’s swept the country. 

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Exclusive new UK 10p Collector Set celebrating Britain’s iconic dishes!

The Great British Menu 10p Collector Set

Last but not least, I have a very tasty collector set for you.  Of the 26 great British icons featured within the new ‘Quintessentially British’ 10p Collection, some of the most popular are coins issued in celebration of our nation’s most-loved dishes.  And today, you have a unique opportunity to own three of these sought-after coins in the brand new and exclusive Great British Menu 10p Collector’s Set!

I don’t know about you, but for me you can’t beat traditional British food! From starting your day with an English breakfast, to enjoying an ice-cream on a trip to the beach, and finishing with piping hot fish and chips… these iconic dishes are part of our culture and are illustrated beautifully on the reverse design of the coins.  Each comes protected in a tamper-proof capsule featuring full-colour original, exclusive miniature artwork by Diane Fawcett – complete with her signature.

The collections are limited to just 1,995 worldwide, making it an extremely limited way to own these hard to find coins.  Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, this is a truly scrumptious way to own these 10ps!

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