Pop! Vinyl craze sweeps the globe – but which ones are the rarest?

An old pal of mine has a passion for Toby Jugs. He has made a lucrative living out of those weird and wonderful often grotesque collectables.

I asked him what he thought about the latest collecting craze Pop! Vinyl Figures, after all Toby Jugs and Pop! Vinyl’s have a lot in common.

He understands why Pop! Vinyl’s are often called bobbleheads and how these have become a global phenomenon, with rarer figures attracting seriously high prices!


Why Bobbleheads are getting the nod

My Toby Jug friend says Bobbleheads are a nod towards popular comic culture. The desire for cute popular statuettes is an expression of the need for a tangible connection with an imagined world!

Bobbleheads have been around for at least three hundred years! They go back to early statues of eastern religious figures, like Buddha, described as temple-nodders. They had lift off in the 1950s when US baseball heroes, with large nodding heads on tiny bodies captured the imagination of the American public and Collectors.

Image: www.milwaukeemag.com 

As materials technology improved they became cheaper to manufacture and soon entrepreneurs were obtaining licences from the film and comic industry to model these characters and bulk sell them. They helped create a valuable global market amongst collectors and Pop! Vinyl started.

How Funko got ahead of the pack

The Pop! Vinyl habit has its roots in the USA and the figures that attract most attention are from the world of Hollywood and child’s play. It’s surprising how quickly the value of certain figures has gone up in just a few decades.

So what’s the secret to knowing the value of a Pop! Vinyl Figures?

 Image: geek.com

Rare characters are most sought after

Often, it’s all down to the number made and the reasons why it was created.

Take Funko’s Pop Star Wars Shadow Trooper for example. It was created exclusively for the world-famous San Diego Comic Convention in 2011. To obtain one you needed to be attending the convention or at least know someone who had attended.

There were a reported 480 made to hand over to visitors at the convention. So inevitably they are extremely rare and can be knocked down at auction for more than £1,700!

Holy bobblehead Batman!

Image: www.thegamer.com

Batman Funko figures usually attract high valuations too. If you come across a Silver Batman you’re in luck. Silver Batman was released in 2015 as a reward to employees of the US retail company HOT TOPIC.

If you search for Silver Batman online and wanted to buy one you might have to part with £2,000, possibly much more! This was because only about 100 were ever produced.

Which brings me to the loveable elephant Dumbo! Disney’s Dumbo was always in a flap with those ears but they came in useful when he decided it was time to take-off and his Pop! Vinyl figure price has certainly done that.

There are at least three different kinds of Dumbo Pop! Vinyl Figure’s: the clown face, the gold version and the metallic blue. 

Image: www.thegamer.com

There were only 48 pieces released of both the clown face and gold versions whereas there were 480 released of the metallic blue. If you are looking to get either the gold or the clown face figures, then expect to pay well over £2,000.

Whatever floats your bobble?

These rare examples are unlikely to have crossed the Atlantic and you have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding one in your local charity shop.

So what kind of bobblehead could be worth cherishing as a mini-investment for the future in the UK?

I think Bobbleheads created to honour pop and rock music icons will increase in value. So look out for vintage bobbleheads of The Beatles, David Bowie or the Rolling stones certainly Freddie Mercury and George Michael. A Beatles 1964 bobblehead car mascot is currently valued at £500 in an online sale.

Image: justcollecting.com

Who would have thought that?

I reckon Dr Who bobbleheads are worth holding on to. I notice that Jodie Whittaker Pop! Vinyls are on the market but older Doctors particularly Tom Baker are gaining value. I spotted a crazy bobblehead version of the robotic dog character K-9 is on sale for a bargain £130 on-line.

As for me, I am on the lookout for a bobblehead version of President Donald Trump autographed by the man himself so that I could retire after selling him on to a serious bobblehead addict!

Image: Entertainment Earth

 Signed Pop! Vinyl Figures

While there are some extremely rare Pop! Vinyls out there what really adds value is when they have been signed by a actor or celebrity. Pop Vinyl's sell for hundreds and thousands of pounds just by being signed. For example a recent Stan Lee signed Pop! Vinyl sold for over £500 on Ebay! 

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Happy collecting!

Best wishes, Dermot.