How the Gruffalo 50p became the fastest selling 50p EVER…

What’s that creeping out of the woods? It’s a Gruffalo!

Yesterday, the nation went into a collecting frenzy. At 00:01 the Gruffalo 50p went on sale. By 10:30am, the Gold and Silver Proof versions of the 50p, a total of 25,600 coins, had completely SOLD OUT at The Royal Mint. Making it the fastest selling 50p EVER released!

Thousands queue to get their hands on a Gruffalo

I’ve never seen anything like it. In fact, it was so popular, thousands were queuing to get onto The Royal Mint’s website to secure one. Collectors who were lucky enough to get in early and secure themselves a Gold or Silver version were over the moon.

But the frenzy certainly didn’t end there. Once the Silver Proof version had sold out, collectors shifted their focus on the Brilliant Uncirculated edition of the coin (this is the non-precious metal version of the coin struck to a superior quality to the ones you would find in your change), desperate to secure themselves one of the UK’s most sought-after coins.

50p coins are more popular than ever

The lucky collectors who got their hands on a Silver Proof Gruffalo 50p for £65 now own a coin that is selling for over double the price on eBay as those who missed out are determined to find a way of owning one.

The Gruffalo 50p isn’t the first 50p to cause such a frenzy – in fact, a number of our fictional friends who have appeared on UK 50ps over the last few years have also caused a huge stir among collectors. In 2016, the Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 50p also sold out in record time, followed by the 2017 and 2018 versions. In fact, the 2016 version changes hands on eBay now for up to £500! The Paddington 50ps released in 2018 were also incredibly popular followed by the sell-out Snowman 50p released at the end of that year.

The Gruffalo 50p release has proven, the demand for 50ps definitely isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, so keep your eyes peeled for further 50p releases!

If you’re interested…

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