How discovering the $150,000 Star Wars toy lead to Boba Fett himself visiting our office!

Yep! That’s right – Boba Fett himself came to visit us and he’s signed some exclusive pieces for fans and collectors. Here’s the remarkable story that lead to us spending the day with the REAL LIFE Boba Fett!...

When I started the daunting task of curating our Star Wars collectables range, the first question I asked myself was – what are the most collectable Star Wars pieces that fans really want to own? That’s the question that Star Wars fans and collectors want to know the answer to, isn’t it? So that was my first question to Google

The answers were quite overwhelming to be honest. As I’m sure you know, there are so many – from the Darth Vader with a double-telescoping lightsaber, to the original Vinyl Cape Jewa to the modern 1/6th scale figures (the detail on those by the way is absolutely incredible!). There is a huge collector demand...

The $150,000 Boba Fett toy

But the items that consistently popped up throughout my search were all things Boba Fett. That’s right, the galaxy’s deadliest Bounty Hunter who famously lured Han Solo into a trap before freezing him in carbonite.

I discovered the remarkable story of the incredible Boba Fett toy with a detachable rocket produced by Kenner that was valued at a convention for $10,000 (I’ve included the link to the episode of Toy Hunters all about it at the bottom of the page – make sure you check it out!).Vectis Auctions Ltd

I couldn’t believe it – a toy selling for $10,000! The more I dug around, the more I found - a story about a graded version of the toy that had once sold for $150,000 on eBay (see link at the bottom of this article)! I couldn’t believe it, I had shared the story around the office and we were all chatting and joking about how cool it would be to get the real life Boba Fett to come and visit us. HA – an impossible task, we thought

But never one to be defeated, my colleague Paul (an avid Star Wars fan), went off on a search, only to find the Boba Fett actor, Jeremy Bulloch’s website and his direct email address! Genius!

I quickly pinged off an email in dubious excitement thinking I’d never get a reply

My excited phone call with Boba Fett’s wife

A few hours later, I couldn’t believe it when my phone rang and I found myself on the phone to Mrs Boba Fett herself - Maureen Bulloch! She was the loveliest lady and within a few minutes we had a date arranged for her and Jeremy to come down from London to our offices in Poole for the day – they were all too happy to offer us an exclusive interview and signing!

So that’s when I set to work to curate some fantastic items for him to sign. Items that every STAR WARS fan would literally clamour to get their hands - but more of that later…

The day Boba Fett visited us

A few weeks later, the day finally arrived! I excitedly drove to the station to pick Maureen and Jeremy up and from the moment I met them, they didn’t disappoint. Jeremy had so many interesting stories to tell about how it REALLY felt wearing his Boba Fett costume and what it was like to be one of the galaxy’s most villainous characters.

See Jeremy’s interview on our LIVE show – 12th June, 8pm

Jeremy had a chat with Paul on camera about Star Wars and his role as Boba Fett - it was absolutely brilliant and I’m dying to give you all the details now but you’ll have to wait to check out his full interview on our LIVE show airing on our Facebook page (make sure to follow us) on 12th June at 8pm.

You really can’t miss it…

That’s because  we’ll also be showing you the exclusive items signed by Jeremy during his visit, including an amazing framed presentation with a photo of Jeremy signed by him and a few other incredible pieces I’ve found that you could own for yourself – I’m so excited to show them to you.

Your chance to WIN a rare original signed copy of Jeremy Bulloch’s autobiography

If that wasn’t enough, during my search for Boba Fett collector items, I managed to track down one of only 2,000 of Jeremy’s autobiographies signed by him back when it was released. These are literally impossible to find and if you do, it will set you back over £100 - some have sold for more than £300! So, I couldn’t believe my luck I came across one eBayBut here’s the best bit…

During the show, we’ll be running a competition offering you the chance to WIN this extremely rare, original signed copy of Jeremy Bulloch’s autobiography!

** If you missed the live show you can watch it now by clicking here>> **

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