Happy New Coins! REVEALED: The Official UK 2019 Coin Releases…

After the champagne, my favourite part about bringing in the new calendar year is seeing The Royal Mint’s new commemorative coin releases and the 2019 series doesn’t disappoint! The annual releases are issued to mark significant British events, anniversaries or moments in time and the 2019 commemoratives are some of my favourites in recent years, consisting of five very different historical moments, all shaping our national identity. Here’s a run-down of all five:

The Queen Victoria £5 Coin

Queen Victoria set the precedent of decorum and morality (now fundamental values at the heart of British monarchy) and led an era of innovation and change which has impacted modern society in more ways than one. As yet surpassed only by Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria is Britain’s second longest reigning monarch and greatly revered around the world. 200 years since her birth (and that of her husband, Prince Albert), this £5 has been issued to celebrate one of the most era-defining monarchs of all time.

The D-Day £2 Coin

There are moments in our past to celebrate and there are moments to mark with a sombre reverence and this D-Day £2 coin is the perfect illustration of the latter. 75 years on from the largest seaborne invasion in history which would ultimately lead to France’s liberation from German occupation and eventually Allied victory on the Western Front; this anniversary is arguably the most significant of the 2019 commemoratives due to its place at the forefront of recent history. This stunning £2 has been issued in honour of the thousands of troops who took part in the Normandy invasion and paved the way to the end of World War II.

The Samuel Pepys £2 Coin

Samuel Pepys’ diary is one of the most important first-hand accounts in history, providing an unparalleled insight into 17th century Britain. Featuring eyewitness accounts of great events such as the Great Plague of London, The Great Fire of London and the Second Dutch War, it is fair to say that our understanding of key historical events would be diminished without his iconic work. As such, it is more than fitting that this £2 coin has been issued to mark 350 years since Pepys’ final diary entry, in commemoration of a figure of such historical importance. 

The Wedgwood £2 Coin

With a change of tone, I absolutely love this one. For me, we don’t celebrate the creativity within our history half as much as we should and Wedgwood is a perfect example of why…

A pioneer in British artistry, Josiah Wedgwood made British pottery an international art form. From fine china and porcelain to luxury accessories, Wedgwood has earned its status within the canon of British craftsmanship. 260 years from its establishment, this £2 celebrates the finest ceramic wares that remain cemented in British culture.

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 50p Coin

With nods to history and artistry covered, the perfect finish to the 2019 commemoratives comes in the form of one of the most iconic literary and popular culture legacies of all time. Father of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for his revolutionary influence on crime fiction. However, his prowess extended beyond the world’s most famous detective and his incredible creativity allowed him to delve into an array of genres including romantic and historical novels, science fiction and poetry. 160 years since his birth, this 50p coin is issued in to pay tribute to a renowned author and his ever-fruitful literary legacy.

These historical achievements have been interpreted and intricately represented on the coins by some incredible designers in order for us to appreciate and better understand our past for centuries to come - I hope you love the new coins as much as I do!

Of course, it just leaves me to say a very Happy New Year to you!

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