BREAKING NEWS: Brand NEW Marvel Stamps just announced…

Royal Mail have literally JUST announced one of the most exciting stamp issues of the year; Marvel! From Marvel Comics to the most successful film franchise of all time, the stamps pay tribute to some of the world’s most iconic superheroes and their timeless stories which have dominated the popular culture sphere for 80 years now!

When I first heard about the release I couldn’t wait to share the news with you! This is because Marvel has become such an internationally renowned franchise (celebrated with everything from board games to theme park rides) that Marvel commemoratives have become incredibly collectable and the collector demand for these stamps will be huge.

First up, there are a set of 10 First Class Stamps that feature innovative designs of your favourite comic superheroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Peggy Carter, Captain Britain and Union Jack.

Next, we have my favourite stamps in the release; a special Miniature Sheet containing 5 stamps within an original comic-strip illustration. The first stamp in this inspired presentation features the original Marvel UK superhero, Captain Britain in action, while the second stamp sees an appearance from infamous supervillain, Thanos. Stamps 3, 4 and 5 present a union of Earth’s greatest superheroes against the mighty Thanos. For Marvel Comic Strip fans, this is an absolute must-have!

Never-before-seen Exclusive Artwork

The stamps themselves feature stunning, full-colour exclusive artwork by the internationally acclaimed British illustrator Alan Davis and this original artwork makes the stamps all the more collectable - it’s your favourite superheroes as you’ve never seen them before! When I saw the designs it was obvious to me that we had to create a range which would allow collectors and fans to own these stamps in exclusive, limited edition presentations - so that’s what we’ve done! Whether you’re hoping to grow a substantial Marvel collection or looking to kick-start one, this range fits the bill!

Our exclusive Capsule Edition range is available to buy RIGHT NOW on pre-order - the stamps are to be issued on 14th March - and we are expecting demand to be high! Everything will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis so you will need to secure your favourites as soon as possible! Here is a little more about each of the collector pieces featuring the Marvel stamps we have available…

Exclusive First Day of Issue Capsule Editions featuring 10 of the best-loved Marvel Comic superheroes – pick and choose your favourites!

Perhaps your favourite is New York’s supreme resident, web-slinging Spider-Man? Or maybe it’s Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange? What’s clear is that everyone has their favourite Marvel superhero and this is definitely something to consider when building your collection…

The issue features 10 of the most beloved superheroes and we have made it possible for you to own YOUR favourite in an exclusive, limited edition capsule presentation. What’s more you can pick and choose your own personal collection; so whether you have a soft spot for Iron Man, the armoured Avenger or cannot wait for the 2019 Captain Marvel film release, there is something for you!

Each stamp has been hand-mounted onto a collector card and postmarked with the stamps’ first day of issue – 14th March 2019. As with all philatelic collectables, this postmark is incredibly important; however, arguably more so than ever given the significance of the Shield Row, Stanley postmark - a fitting tribute to Marvel legend, Stan Lee.

Your stamp and its first day of issue postmark have been encapsulated in a super-tough, tamper-proof capsule to preserve their unblemished condition for generations of Marvel fans to come! Each capsule has been individually numbered, affirming its exact place within the strict edition limit.

Your chosen capsules will also come with a FREE presentation stand, allowing you to display your capsule with class at home or in your office. Personally, I think these are such a great gift idea for the Marvel fan in your life. Nowadays it is so difficult to find an original gift and this is such an affordable way to do just that!

Pick and choose your favourites by clicking here >> 

The First Day of Issue Boxed Edition featuring the Marvel Comic favourites

Naturally, I couldn’t choose just one. So, I decided to create a piece which would allow you to own six of the most iconic Marvel superheroes in the release in a classic, boxed edition presentation. The Stamps featured in this exclusive presentation include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor and Black Panther.

This is my personal favourite piece from the range as it features the most notable of the Marvel characters in such an elegant, simple presentation. What’s more, the stamps have been officially licensed and approved by Marvel, making collections like this incredibly sought-after!

Find out more about the Favourites edition here >> 

The Ultimate First Day of Issue Collector’s Edition

For true Marvel fans out there, this ultimate tribute to Marvel Comics is a must-have addition to any collection. It features all 10 of the Marvel Comics character stamps in an extremely limited edition presentation of JUST 250 worldwide! When you consider how many Marvel fans there are, as well as the collector demand for limited edition pieces, this is a tiny number…

The Collector’s Edition Capsules have been postmarked with the Tallents House first day of issue postmark – 14th March 2019, depicting the unmistakable clenched fist of the Incredible Hulk! This sets our Ultimate Collector’s Edition apart from the individual capsule editions I’ve mentioned.

What’s more, this stunning Collector’s Edition features the first two Marvel UK superheroes; Captain Britain and Union Jack. Since its launch in 1976, ‘Captain Britain Weekly’ has been incredibly well received by Marvel Comics fans around the world but especially here in the United Kingdom. Of course, our two home-grown heroes take pride of place within the Official Royal Mail Issue and are included in this stunning Collector’s Edition alongside the classic superheroes we have come to know and love.

Find out everything about this special Collector's Edition here >> 

These exclusive presentations offer an extremely unique way to own these sought-after stamps and are a very affordable way to start or grow your Marvel collection. The reception that these stamps have already received, combined with the unprecedented popularity of Royal Mail’s 2018 Harry Potter release tells me that the full range will be in high demand so don’t hang about, reserve yours today!

Check out our complete range of capsules here…

P.S. Our Marvel range does not stop here. Keep an eye out for some other very exciting pieces that will be revealed in the coming weeks and DO NOT MISS our Marvel Collectables show airing at 6:30pm on Monday 25th February 2019, where we will reveal other brand-new limited edition collector pieces!