Bowie’s first demo track expected to fetch £10,000 at auction…

As far as iconic music and cultural figures go, it doesn’t get much bigger than David Bowie.  With a career that spanned six decades he’s one of Britain’s most pioneering and successful musicians and one of the biggest recording artists of all time.

Having grown up listening to his music with my parents, who are both die-hard fans, I was fascinated to read recently that a record of Bowie’s first known studio recording had been found in a bread bin and was set to fetch a whooping £10,000 at auction! The things you find in bread bins hey…

Interestingly, the recording took place in a small studio in London with an ambitious 16-year old Bowie who was looking to become a star.  However, at the time, the record company failed to recognise the potential of the voice that would eventually become one of the most famous of the 20th century and turned him down.  I bet they’re kicking themselves!

Since his passing in 2016, Bowie remains as ingrained in our culture as when he was alive. There’s no doubt about it.  And, it seems that his ever-growing popularity has meant that items celebrating the star and commemorating his success have followed a similar trend.

This bread bin record discovery got me thinking… I wonder what the most expensive David Bowie memorabilia ever sold is? Well, it turns out Bowie fans and collectors are willing to pay an astonishing amount for particular pieces! Here’s a rundown of what I found out...

1. Original Self Portrait - SOLD FOR: £7.5k

Image source: Pinterest

Not everyone knows this, but as well as releasing 25 studio albums during his music career, Bowie also explored the acting world and appeared in over 20 feature films! One of these was ‘The Man Who Fell From Earth’ in 1976, where he played a character called Thomas Jerome Newton.  Around the same time he created an original self-portrait and gifted it to the film’s director, Nicolas Rogue, signing it ‘For Nick, Love Bowie’. It sold shortly before Bowie’s passing in October 2015 for an impressive £7,500.

2. Lock of Hair – SOLD FOR: £13.7k 

Image source: Daily Mirror

Yes, you’ve read that right, a lock of Bowie’s bouffant blonde coiffure sold for £13,700 at an auction in Los Angeles. What I’d do for my hair to be that valuable! But, where did it come from you ask? Well, when Bowie posed for his waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London in 1983, the wig maker with the enviable task of recreating his hairdo took a snippet to help match it perfectly. A big Bowie fan herself, she kept hold of it for years before deciding to sell it.

3. Ziggy Stardust Costume – SOLD FOR: £16.2k

Image source: Daily Mirror

Whether you prefer his Thin White Duke, Major Tom or Ziggy Stardust, Bowie’s onstage personas are undoubtedly what many remember the rock star for.  It comes as no surprise then that the costume he wore during his final performance as Ziggy Stardust in 1973 sold for an eye-watering £16,200. 

4. Handwritten Lyrics for The Jean Genie – SOLD FOR:£20.6k 

Image source: Independent

Handwritten song lyrics have for a long-time been considered of high value in collecting circles, though especially for super stars like Bowie. It may come as no surprise then that the handwritten lyrics for ‘The Jean Genie’ from his 1973 album Aladdin Sane went for an impressive £20,600 in 2013.  Scrawled on cream lined notebook paper across 18 lines, the sheet is signed and dated by the late musical icon, and has various words that have been crossed out.

5. ‘Musical Pet’ Turntable – SOLD FOR: £257k

Image source: Consequence of Sound

When I first read about this I was wondering what on earth a ‘musical pet’ was! It turns out that ‘musical pet’ refers to the bespoke Brionverga record player that Bowie had designed by some talented designers in Italy in 1966. In 2016, this masterpiece fetched a staggering £257,000 at a 2-day action in London. Mind. Blown.

Of course these are just a handful of the Bowie memorabilia that have sold over time, if you do your own reading, you’ll find the list goes on and on. What really got me whilst I was researching, is that Bowie seems bigger in death than when he was alive.  Since his unfortunate passing in 2016 his iconic status and cultural influence seems to keep growing and I imagine this will continue for years to come.

With that in mind, I couldn’t possibly have a music collectables range without some pieces dedicated to the superstar.  And the best news is, you don’t need to fork out the world for these sought-after collector pieces. So before I finish, I thought you might like to know a little bit out them…  

Introducing: The David Bowie Newspaper Book

The David Bowie Newspaper Book

First up, we have the incredible David Bowie Newspaper Book.  I thought I knew quite a lot about Bowie and his career, but after spending hours (way too many!) reading through the 130 pages of this large-sized book it turns out I knew very little. It really is the ultimate commemoration to this influential figure.

You can read all about the star’s controversial life in the limelight, reported as it happened through original newspaper articles and photographs. The book is jam-packed with details that give an insight into his music, his daring style, whirlwind personal life, acting career, charity work and much more. Honestly, I struggled to put it down. 

Based on the enduring appeal of this British icon it’s unlikely these will be around for long, though especially as we have JUST 25 available. Click here to find out more>

Limited Edition Aladdin Sane Stamp and Vinyl Presentation

The Aladdin Sane Vinyl and Stamp Framed Presentation

If you don’t fancy spending thousands of pounds at auction for an original Bowie record, then I have the perfect answer for you.  This Framed Presentation features a pristine vinyl edition of the popular Aladdin Sane album that sits alongside an Official Aladdin Sane Stamp that was issued by the Royal Mail in celebration of the music star. 

Inspiring costume-partygoers even to this day, Aladdin Sane and the iconic lightning bolt is an image unlikely to fade from modern culture anytime soon. For any Bowie fan, to have the opportunity to have these items presented together in this limited edition Frame is one not to miss.  Find out more by clicking here>