All you need to know about our hand-signed Boba Fett items and the incredible STAR WARS collectables range…

Welcome to Star Wars week! I hope you enjoyed our STAR WARS Collectables Show, I’m so pleased we were finally able to show you our fantastic items signed by Boba Fett himself – Jeremy Bulloch when he came to visit us and of course our exclusive interview with him.

It was a real highlight for us to have Jeremy in our studio to hand-sign those incredible pieces and I’m sure you agree, he’s a really lovely guy.

If you missed our show – don’t worry, you can watch by clicking here >>

I’ve been working hard over the last few months to curate our incredible Star Wars range  showcased in our live show for you so without further ado, here’s your complete guide to our STAR WARS pieces and why they are must-haves for collectors (just remember, each one is strictly limited, so time is of the essence!):

The Jeremy Bulloch Signed Capsule Edition – limited to just 500 worldwide

Whilst Jeremy was here at our offices, he hand-signed 500 stunning capsule editions. Each capsule edition includes the official Royal Mail Boba Fett First Class stamp affixed to a collector card with Jeremy’s signature in striking silver ink encapsulated in a super-tough tamper-proof capsule encasing that all-important signature in pristine condition forever.

It comes presented in a deluxe display case as well with a numbered certificate of authenticity plus we’ve included a photograph of Jeremy with the capsule!

This is a great, affordable way for Star Wars collectors and fans to own Boba Fett’s signature, which is always highly sought-after.

You won’t find these anywhere else and it’s only £25! Click here for more details >>

Han Solo in carbonite captured on Ultra High Relief Silver Coin

For collectors looking for something a bit more exclusive, officially licensed by Disney, the Han Solo Ultra High Relief 2oz Silver Coin is one for you. It features one of the galaxy’s most loved characters – Han Solo in one of the most famous scenes in Star Wars history, that very moment he was frozen in carbonite after being captured by Darth Vader.

Every Star Wars fan will remember this moment and it’s beautifully captured (literally!) on this coin…

The ultra high relief means the design on the coin is brought to live in a stunning 3D effect, as if Han Solo is actually rising out of the coin. The detail is incredible.

It’s struck in 2 full ounces of Fine Silver to a stunning proof finish – a proof finish means the design has been struck onto the coin using specially polished dies to create a flawless finish with a mirrored background and frosted design. It’s the finish collectors prefer and it’s clear to see why!

It’s worth bearing in mind, the 1oz Silver version of this coin has completely SOLD OUT at the Mint – this one has HALF the edition limit at just 5,000.

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Original Return of the Jedi Film Poster featured on unusual rectangular coin

For fans, the Star Wars film posters are as iconic as the films themselves. This stunning piece is actually a coin, but not as you might know it. It’s actually rectangular shaped and it features the original film poster artwork from the Return of the Jedi!

Using special minting techniques, the film poster is recreated in stunning full colour on this 1oz Silver coin. It’s struck to the same Proof standard as the Han Solo 2oz Coin so the finish is just as flawless.

Officially licensed by Disney, this coin has been extremely popular with collectors and is actually SOLD OUT at the Mint and the previous two Star Wars poster coins have also sold out. I was delighted when I managed to secure a small quantity for our collectors through some contacts.

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100 Framed Presentations – Hand-signed by Boba Fett himself!

Whilst Jeremy was here to visit us, he also signed framed presentations for 100 lucky collectors.

Featuring a photograph of Jeremy in his personal costume and four official Royal Mail Boba Fett First Class Stamps with the all-important signature and a signature hologram certifying its authenticity, each presentation comes professionally mounted and framed ready to display at home or in the office.

This is one of my personal favourites – mainly because I was lucky enough to sit next to Jeremy and watch him sign them with such care and precision whilst listening to his fantastic stories!

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The most detailed Millennium Falcon ever issued - the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship

To be honest, just a few lines of detail won’t do this piece justice so your complete guide to our Star Wars centrepiece – the stunning Royal Selangor Millennium Falcon model will have to wait for a full run-down in my next blog post but in the meantime, check out this video:

It gives you a quick idea of just how incredible it is.

Don’t miss my next blog post in a few days’ time giving you the full details with some incredible shots of this stunning model.

In the meantime, check out the full star wars range by clicking here >>.